Fire Detection and Emergency Lighting Systems
Automatic Fire Systems and Emergency Lighting are a legal requirement . We can address all aspects of your emergency lighting needs, supplying, installing and maintaining your system. (As emergency lighting is rarely used, it is important to test it at regular intervals).

Maintenance and Fault Finding
As a business, safety is of the utmost importance. Regular maintenance of your electrical installations and equipment will help prevent problems from developing. RJS Contracts skilled electricians can do planned maintenance at a time to suit you, or in the event of a problem, we will find and fix it with minimal fuss.

Security Lighting
Well-lit premises are safer premises. We use a wide range of security lighting, including movement sensors and light level sensors (so the lights come on automatically as it gets dark). RJS Contracts can install new lighting for you, or get the lights that you already have working properly.

Door Entry, Alarms and CCTV
Security today is essential. We can supply and install everything from a simple doorbell to video entry and CCTV. Contact us to discuss the individual requirements for your business, and we can quickly and neatly install what you need
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